4 Social Media Myths

Social media is the buzz word in marketing. You can be watching TV, eating in a restaurant, or on your computer and you will see or hear some mention of a social networking site. It may be Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blogs, or another of the many social networks.Whether you are on the social networks or not, you’ve even come to recognize their logos. Social media has become a way of life and a powerful marketing avenue for businesses.But as powerful a source as social media presents, there are some business owners who still aren’t utilizing this incredible opportunity to grow their business sighting one or more of these 4 myths:Myth #1: It’s Just A FadSocial media is still in its infant stages, however, it’s already proven its value and is definitely here to stay! Facebook has over 400 million active viewers who spend over 500 million minutes per day on Facebook alone.Traditional advertising, newspaper ads, telephone ads, and direct mailers are static in nature. They are usually advertisements about your services. Once the printed piece is presented there is no opportunity for connecting with and engaging the viewer and answering their concerns.Social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Blogs allow you to connect and engage your viewers with one on one conversation or group conversations.What does this mean for you: More potential new patients and more treatment acceptance.Do you know anyone who likes…really likes…going to the dentists? I don’t and I’ve been in it for almost 30 years. But one of the most amazing facets of social media is the ability to become real, not just an advertisement or a picture in a telephone ad…you become real!Your viewers get to see their dentist as a real person, your personality, your hobbies, your likes and dislikes, even your ups and your downs… you’re real…you’re human. You also have become their “go to” person in your field of expertise.Viewers are reading your posts, learning more about dentistry, finding out why they should visit a dentist and have their treatment done, seeing there can be medical complications when treatment goes undone. All because you are presenting valuable information in your posts previously unavailable to patients due to limited time and access for information while visiting your office.All of this combines into establishing credibility, gaining trust, and building relationships and hopefully take some of the fear away associated with “going to the dentists”…and if a patient or potential new patient knows someone with a dental problem, who do you think they are going to refer them to….you!Myth #2: Social Media Platforms Are Only For TeenagersSocial networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are no longer sites just for teenagers. Businesses have found these networking sites to present an incredible opportunity for connecting with and engaging their audience.According to Inside Facebook, a Facebook tracking source,the fastest growing demographic is Women over 55. Women also comprised over 56.2% of Facebooks audience, and 45% of Facebook’s US audience is women over age 26.What does this mean for you: Women make approximately 80% of the decisions concerning purchases for themselves and their families.What percentage of women are in your practice and what’s their average age…bet they fall into one of these two ranges above. Women are extremely active on the Internet and social media networks. When the phone rings at your office, well over the majority of the calls are from women scheduling appointments or getting information.Myth #3: Too Time Consuming and OverwhelmingThe number of social media platforms available and all the information about social media can be overwhelming, IF you try to use all the networks starting out.One of the best pieces of advice is to start with just one, possibly two, of the social networks and become comfortable with how to use it. It’s better to be active and consistent on just a couple of sites than to be semi-active and inconsistent on a bunch of sites.Time is always a big factor in managing social media, but once past the learning curve, much of the work can (and should) be put on “auto-pilot”.Later if you determine you want to be active on the other sites but may not feel confident enough or may not have the time to manage the sites, you can always choose to outsource some or all your social media activities.What does this mean for you: Choose where you want to start and jump in…take action!Realize you can assign someone in your practice (person must see the benefit and be social) to manage your social sites, however, this person should never post for you in the 1st person as speaking for you. You will also want to have a social media policy in place for “what to and what not to” post.As you grow you will learn much of your posts and information can be done ahead of time and preset to post in the future. There are a lot of sites that allow you to make one post and then that site will automatically post your information to several other network sites…sort of “one post does all”.Myth #4: It Will Cost Too MuchYour advertising budget is one of the largest expenses associated with your practice. You have your newspaper and telephone book ads, magazine ads, direct mail outs, and possibly printed newsletters.Two major problems with traditional print ads: 1) They are static as mentioned earlier in this article and once read, there’s no interaction with the viewer. 2) With print ads, especially direct mail outs, at best there is only about a 5% return on the investment…what happened to the other 95% of your investment dollars?Solution: Social media marketing – interacting with patients and potential new patients.What does this mean for you: All the social media networking sites are Free to join, come with unlimited use, and are marketing your practice…24 / 7 / 365!It would be a mistake to pretend social media is totally free because there is the time involved with maintaining your sites, especially when maintained well whether maintained in-house or outsourced to a third party.When you factor in how many, or should I say how few, people are actually reached with traditional advertising, the cost of budgeting money for an ongoing social media presence pales in comparison.Add to that the fact only about 15% of the population still uses telephone books and print ads with the other 85% using online sources, you can see why creating and maintaining your online presence is critical to your practice.Bottom line: When done correctly, social media marketing has the ability to cut your advertising budget by as much as 90%! This translates into more money in your children’s college fund, more money to travel and enjoy life, and…last but not least, more time on the golf course (or your favorite hobby)!!The primary objective of social media marketing is a bridge that gives you access to people, information, and even companies that in the past, you didn’t have access to. Its one-on-one contact and its word of mouth advertising in the best of forms and…most of its….Free.Through your social media communities and patient inactivity you establish your practice’s online visibility, make contacts, gain their trust, and build profitable relationships ultimately leading to more new patients, more treatment acceptance, and more product and services sales.Isn’t that what you’ve wanted to do since you opened your practice? With social media…you can!

Keys to Long Lasting Health – How to Maintain an Excellent Health? New Tips

We know that good health is directly linked to healthy food and exercise.We know a lot about vitamins, minerals and alkaline food.However, we need to know the main keys for permanent health.This article is about some inside tips for your health.It is not enough to know about healthy food or exercise.It is not adequate to focus on your body and forget about other aspects.Health is about the combination of all important factors.It is about the Holistic Approach.Our health is enhanced by the connection of our mind and body.Add to this your emotions.Good health is= Mind+body+emotions.And even knowing this formula is not enough.Why?Because there are many variables & secrets within these 3 main factors.We have to know about those secrets of: exercise, food and emotions.Let us examine and explain some secrets about main factors for better health.Main Causes for Long Lasting Health:A-Physical Exercise:The benefits are well known, but do we know how to exercise?Any physical movement is no doubt good for your health, but you need to know the best way for exercise.Here are some exercise tips:1-Exercise for at Least Continuous 30 Minutes. The brain starts releasing endorphins only after 30 minutes of uninterrupted exercise. You need endorphins for your mood and emotional health. Also you need it for your muscles and heart.2-Do Not Over Exercise: Start slowly and gradually. If you want to run 5 miles/day, start gradually, say at first 2 miles/day, and gradually increase it. Over training can cause the heart to enlarge to an abnormal size which can cause future problems.3-After Exercising, Drink Only Warm Liquids. Cold drinks immediately after exercise can cause body temperature to drop too quickly. This can lower your immune system and cause flu. The Chinese are known for drinking warm water even during hot weather so as to maintain their energy level.4-Take at Least One Day off/Week: As your body needs exercise for better health, it also needs rest.B-Healthy Food:We know about healthy food such as: fruits, vegetables, yogurt, nuts & beans. Those foods are alkaline and very good for the heart and the blood. They are full of nutrients, vitamins & minerals. However, we need to know how to eat them without health problems.Here are some eating tips:1-Do Not Eat Fruits With Any Other Type of Food. If you do, that food will ferment, and you lose all of its healthy ingredients plus some stomach discomfort which will drain your energy. Eat fruit only 30 minutes before, or at least 2 hours after any meal.2-Do Not Eat Meat With Rice or With Any Starchy Food. This will create indigestion and destroys the ingredients. Meat with beans or wheat products is good.3-Stay Away From Sugar and Desserts: sugar will feed cancer cells that are dormant in our body. Sugar also lowers the immune system and makes you vulnerable to all kinds of coughs and colds.4-Do Not Eat Anything While You Are Angry or Under Strong Negative Emotion. That food would become toxins in your body and very likely you would develop either diabetes or high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Under negative emotions or stress, your body releases Cortisol which is called the Stress-Hormone. Cortisol weakens your main organs such as the kidney, heart or lungs.C- Your Lifestyle:If you exercise well and eat healthy food, does that guarantee good health?No.Because if you have some bad habits, those habits can damage the good effects of exercise & healthy food.For example, if you smoke 2 packets of cigarettes/day, the nicotine level in your blood would damage your arteries and heart even with good exercise.Another harmful addiction is drugs. Drugs like cocaine and marijuana can damage brain cells, according to many scientific studies.Your lifestyle has to match your health.You have to do what is congruent-not against- your healthy habits.Some tips for a healthy lifestyle:1-Go Outdoor: staying too much indoor can promote depression, according to some studies.2-The Sun: you need to expose yourself to the sun for at least 10 minutes/day. Not only the sun is good for your body and bones because of vitamin D, but it is more important for your mood. The sun is very good for fighting depression. The sun releases rays that are very useful for the hormones. Hormone balance is much more important than vitamins & minerals.3-Relaxation Techniques: Yoga, meditation and self- hypnosis are all essential for your mental and body relaxation. If you live in a big city where life is fast-paced, you will need to slow down your brainwaves.These tools can become as important as a necessity. Half an hour of daily Yoga or 1 hour of Chi Kong/day can make a significant difference on your health. My personal experience with Chi Kong taught me that 1 hour/day can increase your energy and boost your health by quantum leaps. Chi Kong will make you healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. The secret is to reach that one hour mark. You can reach it gradually within a month of practice.4-Adopt Positive Attitudes & Gratitude: Good health has to mix up with good emotions like gratitude. Positive emotions like gratitude or faith can boost your energy and strengthen your body organs.A Classic Example: Yesterday, George Bush reached his 90-year-old mark. It was his 90th birthday.In spite of his old age, he is still in good health. He took good care of his body throughout his life journey. He used to run on a daily basis. He kept his mind active. To show his good health, and to celebrate his 90th birthday, he jumped out of a helicopter and parachuted to the ground, yesterday.I guess not many people can do that even at an earlier age.Jon Meacham, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, said this about G. Bush “He had a remarkable great run of good health and good family and good friends,” he said. “So I know his chief view of life at 90 is one of immense gratitude. He’s very grateful for his parents, he’s grateful for Barbara, he’s grateful for his kids. He knows he’s one of the luckiest guys who ever lived, really.”You too can become similar to George Bush.You can enjoy good health for a long time if you take good care of your body, mind and emotions.Finally: There are many other tips and secrets for good health, but these are among the best.I will focus on other tips and secrets in other articles.

Career Opportunities in Education

Lots of people are looking for jobs that will help them grow in their career. There are some people who only look forward to earn money while there are others who want to learn more while they work. There are different kinds of industries present in a country.There are few which manufacture a product or service while others are creative and they create something interesting. Among the various industries one of the industries which provide a lot of opportunities is the education industry. Are you looking for career opportunities in education?Education is a field which has lots of things to offer to a person. Other than making people enlightened you can also become enlighten at the same time. There are lots of education employment opportunities available these days. You just need to make sure that you are fit for this line.There are people who love to learn more, perform research and make academics their life. The education industry can be a suitable choice for them. If you are a fresher then you will need some time to prepare yourself for this field.There are lots of career opportunities in education for the fresher as well as for the high level professional. There are certain associations which can help you get the right kind of job. You can look for the job opportunities in education in the internet.There are various job sites which are dedicated only to the education jobs. You will be happy to learn that the education industry is expanding quite rapidly and they are always on the search for new talents. This is the reason why there are chances of lots of people getting recruited in this industry.Other than the public sector the private sector also has a great role in expanding this industry. If you are interested to join the industry then you need to have a capability to teach people and stay in touch with education.Each and every person will agree that without education our society is incomplete and hence it holds the most important place in our society. Each of the community wants to make sure that their children receive proper education so that they can build their own career.Employment opportunities in education are increasing day by day and hence you need not worry about your future. If you can enter the field and perform your job well then you will surely each the top. To get the best career opportunities in education you first need to choose the subject you love.You can proceed with that particular subject and become one of the top professionals of this industry. There are certain companies in the education industry which offer some idealistic goals. Other than this, they also offer certain generous benefits. They also offer competitive salary to the professionals.The employment opportunities available in this industry are quite diverse and there are so many things to do. More companies are being added to the industry which will increase education employment opportunities.